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Our member companies manage over 90% of the LNG distributed in the UK which fuels off-grid homes and businesses and also Heavy Goods fleet vehicles.

In addition to working with members on the safe and effective development of LNG, UKLNG also takes a leading role in consultations and negotiations with legislators and policy makers, from championing and guarding safety and technical standards within the industry to ensuring LNG is a key part of future plans to decarbonise heat and transport and deliver cleaner energy in the UK.

What we provide

We provide advice and guidance to members and their customers on the safe and effective use of LNG through the development of industry documents in conjunction with IGEM (Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers).

By joining UKLNG, members have the opportunity to shape the future direction of the LNG industry and influence legislation governing the industry.

Advantages of being a member

  • The opportunity to shape the future direction of the LNG industry
  • The ability to influence legislation governing the industry
  • Access to full-time technical assistance, employed by UKLNG to serve its members
  • Credibility and recognised endorsement
  • The opportunity to join any relevant subject Working Groups of special interest to members and contribute views and experience
  • Use of the logo on letterheads and stationery

Become a member of UKLNG

Full Membership

  • Full Membership¬†of UKLNG is open to all end users and operators of LNG in the UK

Affiliate Membership

  • Affiliate Membership of UKLNG ¬†is open to companies involved in the supply of equipment or services which are predominantly related to LNG usage

Technical Membership

  • Technical Membership of UKLNG is open to all Industrial technical societies who have interests in LNG